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Bacterial Marker

With the detection of PCT and CRP, both early and long-lasting bacterial infections can be detected:
PCT is expressed between 2-24 hours after the infection.
and CRP is expressed from 24 hours after the infection.
All in all, the qualitative measurement with dewact/flow/ gives a good estimate of whether there is a viral or bacterial infection from 24 hours after infection


Viral Marker

The specific characteristics of the Mx homologous proteins were

  1. a dose-dependent expression by type I interferons and

  2. a high specificity of the induction by only the type I interferons.

No other cytokine specifically induces the Mx homologous proteins. The conviction that only this protein is a measure of type I interferon expression in the human system or a viral infection is present (in the case of a viral infection, type I interferon is always formed, depending on the virus type in different forms) are generally performed.

Dewact Labs has chosen MxB because it is (also) formed in the cell nucleus and mitochondrial membrane. Therefore MxB is a (more) stable and reliable biomarker.

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